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Since the 1970's I have devoted my life to research, study and understanding what it takes to keep the body healthy.  Being an animal lover, I also wanted exceptional health for my four footed companions which led to my studies in animal health and nutrition, and my international pet consultations beginning in the 1990's.  Now as a Naturopathic Doctor, my wish is to help guide both you and your pets on your journey to wellness. 
My mission is to help people and their pets live longer healthier lives naturally.

International online and teleconference consultations available for pets

What is an online consultation?

An online consultation is not merely an electronic mail message.

it is a two-way discussion process whereby you and I work together to develop strategies that will assist in helping you to understand and effectively use methods leading to balance and wellness for your pet.

Your online consultation will include as many email contacts as it takes for me to evaluate the source of your pet’s health concern and to make suggestions regarding a course(s) of action.

If you have further questions after the initial consultation, additional time may be provided by requesting a follow-up consultation.

Fee Schedule for Pet Consultations:

Initial Online and/or Telephone Comprehensive Consultation and Evaluation of your pet:  $195. ($175 for local clients picking up their kit/s.)

This also includes Tissue Mineral Analysis Laboratory Test Kit (TMA), Xpresspost shipping with tracking for your kit and one follow-up consultation to review your pet's results.

TMA testing will help determine your pet's nutritional deficiencies/excesses, heavy metal toxicities, metabolic type, endocrine index (pituitary-adrenal-thyroid relationship), performance index (the relationship of energy producing glands on endurance), etc.  You will be provided with a comprehensive report including graphs to enable you to gain information regarding the condition of your pet's current health.  This will help fine tune a specific regime suited for your pet's individual needs. 


The Test Kit (sent Xpresspost with tracking):

· A kit including step-by-step instructions will be mailed to you

· Cut your pet's hair sample and deposit it in the envelope provided

· Place your sample in the mail and wait for the results

· You will receive an email scheduling your teleconference to review your results

· You will be provided with a customized program by an experienced Naturopathic Doctor & Animal Naturopathy Specialist to interpret those results and to guide you in correcting any potential health issues found in the hair tissue mineral analyses.

Follow-up Online and/or Teleconference for your pet: $85.00 

Brief telephone consultation for your pet: $30.00 (up to 15 minutes); $85.00 Flat rate for calls longer than 15 minutes.  Teleconference calls must be pre-booked and prepaid.

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For The Health Of Your Pet

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