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Dr. Carolann Hamilton, ND, DIHom
Naturopathic Doctor & Homeopath
Investigative nutritionist and advocate for environmental justice

Board Certified - Certificate # 51523208
AADP Member (International Association)
RITMA Member (Canadian Association)
NLOWE Member

My Bio

My experience as a wellness educator began in the 1970's with a keen interest in Natural Medicine and a great zeal to learn.

I am very happy to say that later in life after extensive studies including 4 years in Natural Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology; numerous case studies & assignments, an Internship, a Doctoral Thesis and a full year of active practice, I received with great honor my Post Graduate Degree in Naturopathy.  A joyful day indeed!

Graduated Alternative Medicine College of Canada 

with a Post Graduate Degree in Naturopathy

I have also received Diplomas in the following:  



Natural Health Practitioner

Natural Health Technician

Natural Health Educator

Natural Health Consultant

Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (Certificate)

Additional Studies and Research in Human and Animal Health includes:

♦ Natural Diets & Supplements
♦ Homeopathy
♦ Kinesiology
♦ TTouch
♦ Understanding and working with energy
♦ Herbs & their medicinal uses
♦ Allergies, Toxins & Vaccines
♦ Vaccines & Immune Function
♦ Organic & sustainable agriculture
♦ Environmental issues
♦ Small Animal Clinical Nutrition
♦ Diagnosing Sick Dogs
♦ Analyzing Ingredients in Pet Foods

♦ Consulting since the 1990's internationally in animal health issues.
♦ Offered seminars on subjects pertaining to canine health and nutrition
♦ Formulated & marketed a natural diet for dogs, Superior Choice Natural Dog Food & Treats

Completed studies in Animal Nutrition, Analysis of Food, Diet Formulation, Immunology, Laboratory Testing, Metabolic Manipulation & Hormonal Control, and Animal Diseases including Viral and Bacterial Diseases in Dogs and Cats at University of Guelph

Completed studies in Animal Dermatology, Infectious Skin Disease and Diagnostic Testing at Ontario Veterinary College